anna_unger-copyAnna Unger was born in Ukraine and currently lives in Mexico, has 10 years combined experience as an artist, architect, interior, graphic and fashion designer. Her vision of art reflected in a poetic way as her brushstrokes capture people’s feeling and emotions. Her architectural background and experience as a graphic designer are clearly embedded in her work.  In the difficult-to-accomplish simplicity of her paintings, she skillfully combines rigid and structured forms without loosing the organic character of her art. Her creations complement each other in a subtle way.

She has held several positions as an Architect, Graphic Designer and launched her own brand as a Fashion designer. She received an Architectural degree from Moscow Architectural University, Designer of Costume degree from Moscow State University of the Arts, and Fashion degree from University of the Arts London.

Anna’s art has been exhibited in several exhibitions in United Kingdom, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Korea and the United States.